Trent: Uh, bro, Kitty and I were in the middle of discussing a photoshoot. So, could you —

Garrett: Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, how I’ve missed you and that pretty face of yours! Honestly, I don’t get why you don’t come and visit me at the frat house.

Kitty: Uh, Garrett, please put me down …

Garrett: But I’ve missed you! Come on, Kitty, when are you going to face it? We pretty much belong together.

Kitty: Uh …

Trent: Oh god. Why did you bring my obnoxious brother along?!

Derrick: Dude, I swear, he just decided to tag along! I didn’t invite him! I told him I was meeting up with you and Kitty.

Trent: And that’s exactly where you went wrong. *sigh*

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